New things to show you and a freebie!

Studio Cappuccino has been very busy and she has released so many beautiful things this week.

First off is this beautiful coloured kit called Color Burst

image linked

Here is my layout

Next is a mini kit for all you dog lovers put there

image linked

My layout. I found this one a little bit emotional as Perdie was our family dog who we was part of our family for 14 years. Last year Perdie went to Rainbow Bridge

I made a freebie to go co-ordinate with this kit

image linked (please let me know if you have any problems with the link)

Here is another new release

image linked

The first time I have done a layout like this

And last but not least a absolutly stunning collab between Studio Cappuccino and Loreta Labarca

My layout

Just have a closer look at the font in this layout. Yes your right that is my handwriting. Studio Cappuccino has a new product to offer she has started selling fonts exclusive to DigiScrapBrasil

image linked

Fonts are avaliable in Non-Exclusive, Exclusive and Commercial 

Tamara has turned my handwriting in to a font and I’m so so happy with how its turned out (you can buy it if you want)

imaged linked

Sneek Peek time

I know its irresistible!!!!

All kits are avaliable at Me So Scrappy and DigiScrapBrasil

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4 Responses to New things to show you and a freebie!

  1. crystalnva says:

    Luv the alpha just cant get it to DL….

    • Helen says:

      Sorry you are having trouble downloading the alpha. I have just tried to see if the link is ok, it did download but if you can’t get it to download send me your email address and i will email you the zip file. (if you don’t want your email to show on here you can email me direct at :

      • crystalnva says:

        ALRIGHT !!!!! YAHOOOOOOO !!!! I got it to DL THANK YOU ;~} Helen for your reply I think I just had to wait for the traffic to die down on the DL your awesome ALPHA`s THANK YOU AGAIN ;~}

      • Helen says:

        your welcome, and thankyou. x

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