I know you love him… MR POTATO HEAD that is!!!

I have something fun and exciting to share with you today from Studio Cappuccino. It’s all about a POTATO a fun loving Potato that is.

  Image linked.

This is available this month exclusively at Plain Digital Wrapper

This kit can also be used for hours of photobooth fun!

I had tons of fun with this one

            Both images are linked.

I also went all Hybrid with this one. I made a game which Hollie just loves, we have played it a gazzillion times already.



I know looks fun right? The idea of the game is to spin the wheel and what ever item the arrow lands on thats what you dress your potato up with. My 2 year old decided to make up some rules of her own. If you spin and it lands on something that is already in use by another player you can ‘pinch’ it from them. Another rule of hers is, if you already have a hat on but you spin and it lands on a different hat you can swap it. To be honest I like her rules it was quite fun deciding if we wanted to swap or not and pinch or not.

This game was defiantly a winner!!!!!

A little note: I have never printed out digital supplies before making this game. I was so happy with the quality of Studio Cappuccino’s doodles, they actually looked like they had been drawn and coloured in. They look so realistic and not like they had just been printed out.

Now for a sneak peek for next Friday. Studio Cappuccino has teamed up with CRK to create this A-MA-ZING collab

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